On Extremes 


It seems like these days people oppose the extreme of the opposite of what they believe. We throw around the word ‘hate’ so much that it turns us into haters  (just don’t say that to our face).

As social media posters, we have the responsibility to back up what we support. It’s easy to sit on your couch and ‘like’ ‘like’ ‘like’, but it’s takes effort to BE about what you’re for. 

Don’t be a hater if you’re not gonna bring change to the things you hate. Or, try and bring peace and understand both sides of the argument. 

I think that’s the better way. 

Consider what you support and why. Will it make the life of your family and community better? How? Then, go do the how.

Don’t be a clicker of buttons or swiper of screens. Be about something and show that you believe in it.

Or if you want, let the darkness of hateration for the “other side” take over as you weep and gnash your teeth at those who oppose you. Don’t be a Pharisee son!



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