On Korean Music

It’s more than KPOP.


I really enjoy me some music, music of all sorts – I’ll listen to anything (except for Trot). Living in Korea, you can’t help but get sucked into the world of KPOP. It’s everywhere – inside clothing stores, outside of restaurants, at cafes, schools, and bowling alleys.

My appreciation for music and teaching of middle school students has caused me to delve in the world of Korean Pop Music, and like all Pop music of the world, there’s the good and the terrible.

If you’re interested in giving KPOP a try, I suggest checking out the groups that have been around a while. I’m a big fan of BIGBANG – start with them.

KPOP is not all there is to the Korean music scene, but in order to discover Non-Pop music, you have to do sift through the millions and millions of KPOP acts. I’ve done just that, and I wanna share a few of the artists that I’ve found worth while.

  1.  OOHYO (synth pop) – Fun and quirky and chill, she has a Poppy feel but also quite original (in the Korean music sense). Suggested songs: Girl Sense, Youth, UTO
  2. BYE BYE BADMAN (electronic rock) – Their recent album Authentic has a laid back feel, it’s summery – music you can groove to. Saw them twice in concert – fun stuff. Suggested songs – Island Island, Lovelouse, Young Wave
  3. HYUKOH (indie rock) – Known to most Koreans (which is good), they are super musically talented. Their music is quite mellow, but they have a lively side as well. Suggested songs – Wi ing Wi ing, Gondry, Mer
  4. Neon Bunny (electronic pop) – Stay Gold is my favorite Korean album of all time. Just give it a listen. If you don’t like it, then we don’t have the same taste in music and you can find your own Non-Pop music. Suggested songs – Room 314, Romance in Seoul, the whole frikkin album!

Other good non-Pop music – Primary (hip-hop), J Rabbit (cafe music?), Cheeze (indie pop)

Go, and seize the music!


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