On Protests 

It’s a good time to be in the wonderful country of South Korea. They’ve accomplished something that has never happened in the history of Korean democracy, the impeachment of a president. An amazing part about it is that they succeeded through peaceful protests 🙌.

That’s what most people are talking about on the interweb, and so many are comparing it to American “violent” protests against the president elect, or He Who Must Not Be Named.

Many are saying that Americans have a lot to learn from Korean protests, but I think they’re focusing on the wrong ideal we’re missing. It’s not the peaceful part we’re missing, it’s unity.

An estimated 1.5 million people coming from all parts of life met in the capital asking for the resignation of President Park. You can watch videos online of young and old sharing the streets calling for justice. Wow!

A colleague of mine talked about going to the protest with her whole family, including children and grandparents, with enthusiasm and excitement.

This is what we need in the land of the “free”. Peace is definitely important, but I think unity is key.

America is huge! And because of the diversity of beliefs and value systems, people have issues with everything. There’s no one thing that Americans really dislike together. In the big ‘C’ Church, that I’m a part of, if you disagree on something, just make a new denomination in your own building. Unity.

I will continue to use the Church as my example for this disunity, as I have experience with many different styles of church and went to a Christian liberal arts college (you may see my thoughts of this in the future).

I’ll keep this short.

Imagine if the church was unified on one soul purpose. The world would be a different place, I think. But alas, we are divided, and think that my denomination can do something different than yours, but actually we’re doing the exact same thing. Unity.
Is it possible in the “United” States of America? Change has happened through unified protests in the past. Can it happen again? The world will never know, maybe.


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